teacher interview

For this assignment, I interviewed a collegiate level instructor of music education. I am getting my degree in music education and would like some day to be able to teach at the collegiate level. We discussed many things pertaining to her experiences with technology in her current department and how she feels about them.

            As far as the technology available to her, she stated that she her department is provided with “mediated rooms”. By this she means that she has a computer, computer projector, DVD player, CD player, and VHS player available for her use. In her lessons, she tries to integrate as much technology as possible and utilize the tools she has as much as she can.  She gives PowerPoint presentations using the computer and projector. She can also use web pages such as You Tube to show videos that pertain to her lessons. In some of her classes, she uses Webct to organize and help the students. The students benefit from all this by being able to visual see things that may help them in the class. Having an outline on the projector can help in note taking. Being able to view You Tube videos can help solidify concepts for visual learners and also be something fun that maintains good classroom morale. Her Department and Supervisors are very supportive of the use of technology in education. She does not feel like they push her to use it more, but that they are trusting and supportive of however she deems fit to use it. She says that there is a section in the teacher evaluations that students fill out about how well the teacher utilizes technology in the classroom and also that the school is graded on their use of technology for licensure and accreditation.

            She feels that technology in education is very important. It helps the teacher to be able to model things in front of the class. With technology there are so many resources available that can vary and enrich the learning experience. Also, technology is a big part of our culture. The students can sometimes relate to what is being presented if it is being presented using modern technology that is part of our modern American culture. And for those kids who do not modern forms of technology available to them away from school, it exposes them to it and evens out the playing field by utilizing technology in education.

            This interview and her answers to my questions have helped me to be encouraged about the use of technology in education. I feel as if it is important to integrate it into teaching and I see how the teaching can be much more diverse and rich with the use of technology. A classroom that doesn’t utilize technology may be taking an opportunity away from a student who would learn better and benefit from it. I hope that my school provides me with the means to use plenty of technology in my teaching and do not think they will need to get on my case to use it more. I use it so much in my regular life, it will be easy to use it with teach. I should be who I am when I teach, right? 


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