Lesson plan 2

Lesson Plan

Lesson plan title: Composition in 7 steps

Website of original lesson plan: http://www.lessonplanspage.com/MusicComposition5up.htm

The technologies used in this lesson are music notation software such as Finale, MIDI to mp3 converter software, and a CD burner and/or iTunes and a mp3 player.

Steps 5-7 can by simplified into one step by using music notation software. Instead of writing out possible melodies and then playing them on an instrument to figure out if they fit or sound as desired and lastly practicing them for performance, the compositions can be listened to note for note and played back during the composition process. Using a MIDI to mp3 converter and a CD burner or iTunes plus an mp3 player, the students can afterwards have a audio copy of their composition and possibly the compositions of the entire class to compare to.

Objectives of the technology:

  1. The music notation software will be used to simplify the composition process by allowing the students to hear what they are composing immediately without having to know how to play it on an instrument themselves.
  2. The MIDI to mp3 converter will transfer their compositions to an audio format that they themselves can use and listen to by themselves.
  3. The CD burner and iTunes + mp3 player will let the students take their compositions with them to listen to.

Software and Hardware requirements:

  • Computers with music notation software
  • A computer with a MIDI to mp3 converter
  • A computer with a CD burner and iTunes
  • Flash drive to transport data to the computer with the converter, CD burner, and iTunes

Skills required:

  • Teacher- will need to know how to use the music notation software and be able to help students use it. Will also need to know how to use a MIDI to mp3 converter and be able to put the mp3 on a CD or on iTunes and then an mp3 player
  • Students- will need a basic knowledge of how to use a computer so they can learn how to use the music notation software. Will also need to know how to play the music on a CD player or mp3 player.


The music notation software will help immensely with the composition process. The students will be able to hear what each note of their melody sounds like while composing and will not need to rely on themselves or someone else to play it on an instrument. After the compositions are finished, they will be able to take there own composition home (and if the class decides, they can get a copy of everyone’s). Becoming familiar with their own composition and the compositions of their classmates will help with future compositions. They will learn what they like best and what sounds nice to them.


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