Lesson plan 1

Lesson Plan

Lesson plan title: Idea Challenge

Website of original lesson plan:


The technologies used in this lesson are Inspiration software, a web browser and search engine, a video camera.

For the brainstorming activities, Inspiration software could be used to organize, clarify, and make the information visually appealing and memorable. The brainstorming can also be easily saved and referred to again later. After the students look to discover ways to make homemade instruments, they can be shown how others have been successful making homemade instruments by the teacher showing them some that he/she has found on the web. The students can then combine their efforts with the efforts of others who have done the same type of thing and have posted their results on the internet. They can then make examples of homemade instruments. The students can be video taped demonstrating their instruments. The students will then have examples to look at and refer back to for later lessons in which they choose which instruments they want to use to make compositions.

Objectives of the technology:

  1. The Inspiration software will help with the organization and visual appeal of the brainstorming activities
  2. The browser and search engine will be used build on the knowledge and research of others in finding ways to make instruments out of garbage or every day objects.
  3. The video camera will be used to document the instruments and their sounds for future lessons in the unit and to make a fun compilation of all the things learned in the unit.

Software and Hardware requirements:

  • A computer with Inspiration software and a web browser
  • A video camera
  • A way of playing back the recorded video- TV and VCR, video editing software if the camera is digital, a mini disc or dvd player if the camera records directly to one of these.

Skills required:

  • Teacher- ability to use Inspiration software, ability to use a search engine to find examples of home made instruments, ability to use a video camera and play back the footage.
  • Students- no previous technological skills required


The Inspiration software will make better cognitive links for the student’s brainstorming activities by being visually appealing and well organized. By using the web to research homemade instruments, the teacher will be able to show examples to the students of ideas that other people have come with. The students will then be able to build on and compare their ideas to the previous efforts of other people. By video taping the students demonstrating their instruments, the students will have something to look back on and remember the instruments for future activities involving homemade instruments.


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